Decorah and Winneshiek Co. Mutual Aid Network

We are working with Decorah Now to build a mutual aid network to support our community’s response to COVID-19.

Learn more and give or get help by visiting

Please fill out the “I Can Help” and/or “I Need Help” forms as we will be helping coordinate connections between volunteers and those in need in our community.

Areas of assistance and need may include:

  • Offering childcare to families, especially health care workers, who must continue to work during this time
  • Running errands, distributing groceries, or delivering food or household items to the doors/porches of folks who are considered to be a high-risk population or on quarantine
  • Donations of groceries or household items to families who have identified a need for these items during this time
  • Calling or video conferencing with others to offer the gift of connection & presence
  • Providing Temporary work