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Winneshiek County Development & Tourism is here to help support our communities and businesses. Below are a few business resources that are available to you and your employees.  As time moves for

Winneshiek County Development has had the pleasure to serve Winneshiek County in Northeast Iowa for over 20 years. Since our creation in 1992, WCDI has had involvement with a number […]


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There are multiple funding opportunities available for businesses in Winneshiek County. If you have additional

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Winneshiek County Development maintains a list of available business and commercial properties throughout

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Starting a business is a multi-step process that can feel overwhelming when you're on your own, but with

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Take the Northeast Iowa Art Walk This Autumn

Cultivating community and culture during the COVID crisis requires creativity. Enter a brand new event for fall, where Northeast Iowans and visitors to the area can explore Decorah’s downtown, peruse […]

Why Childcare Is An Important Issue To All Communities.

As the child care crisis becomes more and more nationally recognized in publications such as Time Magazine and The Des Moines Register, the stories all revolve around the lack of […]

The need for child care in Winneshiek County

Opinion – Stephanie Fromm, Executive Director of Winneshiek County Development, Inc.  As I drop my three children off for the day, the “mom-guilt” starts to set in almost immediately: leaving […]


Real people, real stories

Luna Valley Farm

Luna Valley Farm 3012 Middle Sattre Road Decorah, Iowa 52101 Pizza might not be the first product that comes to

Luna Valley Farm"Valuable camaraderie grows among business owners when they collaborate."

Pulpit Rock Brewery

Family businesses are common in historic small towns like Decorah, Iowa, but genealogical roots don’t aut

Pulpit Rock Brewery"We’re out to make a unique product in a unique place."

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