Winneshiek County and Northeast Iowa are ready for expansion or location projects. Winneshiek County Development (WCDI) collaborates with partners at every level of the process.

WCDI works with companies, organizations and cities to create a sound and reliable infrastructure to serve as the backbone for our area.


The Decorah Business Park has a 150,000 gallon elevated water supply tank adjacent to the site. This allows any business the capacity to obtain up to an 8” water line due to the tank location. Both water and sewer are readily available in the Decorah Business Park. It is also fully equipped with all electric utilities and is able to handle whatever is required for the client. The park is equipped with three-phase electric power. The Decorah Business Park can be equipped with your electrical requirements with uncapped power capacity. The park also has fiber optic internet capabilities.

A 4,000 foot runway at the Decorah Municipal Airport is located across from the Decorah Business Park on highway 9. Decorah Municipal Airport has jet fuel availability along with a courtesy car.

The Decorah Business Park is approximately 10 minutes from a 50 car railroad located in Calmar, Iowa. Roughly 13,000 workers from our labor shed analysis work in the transportation industry. Decorah is home to a UPS distribution center and is also a popular stop for many trucking companies due to our centralized location in relation to major interstates and highways and to service other large industries within the community.

There are a number of businesses located in the park which include Olsgard Auto Sales, Farm Credit Services, Midwest Group Benefits, Tritech Computers, Northeast Iowa Humane Society, U.S Department of Agriculture and recently Toppling Goliath Brewing Company.

History of the Decorah Business Park

The City of Decorah’s Comprehensive Plan, updated in 1992, showed there was a shortage of industrial and business development sites in the immediate Decorah area. That shortage was relieved in 1999 when Decorah Jobs, Inc., a non-profit economic development group, bought 154 acres of farmland east of Decorah and near the Decorah Municipal Airport. Decorah Jobs continues to work with the City of Decorah in providing infrastructure to the park.
In 2002, an urban renewal district was created allowing tax-increment financing (TIF) to be used to help pay for infrastructure improvements at the park. In 2006, Decorah Business Park was annexed into the city limits of Decorah.