Winneshiek County Development and Tourism (WCDT) and Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Forge Partnership to Bolster College and Career Services in the Decorah Community School District

[Decorah, Iowa, February 10, 2024] – Winneshiek County Development and Tourism (WCDT) is thrilled to announce a partnership with Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) aimed at fortifying College and Career Services within the Decorah Community School District. The College and Career Connection (CCC) program is a flagship program offered by NICC to district-wide high schools and is available to high school students, at no cost. The CCC program guides participants through work-based learning experiences following a career continuum of awareness, exploration, and workplace preparation by connecting businesses and high schools through work-based learning activities.


“This partnership between WCDT and NICC exemplifies a shared commitment to fostering educational excellence and workforce development within our community. Together, we look forward to empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators in Winneshiek County and beyond,” stated Amy Lasack, NICC Vice President, Business and Community Solutions.


The cornerstone of this partnership lies in the provision of comprehensive academic advising on career pathways. Together, WCDT and NICC will serve as catalysts in guiding students toward fulfilling educational and career opportunities, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and support needed to make informed decisions about their future endeavors. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to empowering students with the resources and guidance necessary to pursue successful academic and professional pathways.


“We are thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with Northeast Iowa Community College,” remarked Stephanie Fromm, Executive Director of Winneshiek County Development and Tourism. “By pooling our resources and expertise, we aim to cultivate a supportive ecosystem that empowers students to chart their own paths towards success, all while featuring local businesses and sharing local career opportunities available throughout Winneshiek County.”


This partnership will open doors to an array of work-based learning opportunities. Through the coordination of job shadows, business tours, and attendance at various events, students will gain first-hand exposure to diverse professional environments, enabling them to explore and refine their career aspirations in real-world settings.


“In an era where authentic and community-based learning is paramount, our partnership between Winneshiek County Development and Tourism and Northeast Iowa Community College is enhancing the educational landscape in Decorah. By integrating the rich offerings of Decorah’s dynamic businesses and industries into our students’ learning journeys, we’re unveiling a world of opportunities right in their backyard. This collaboration is not just about academic growth; it’s about rooting our students in the community, exposing them to the incredible innovation and enterprise that define our local landscape. The mutual benefits are profound: students gain real-world insights and practical skills, while Decorah benefits from a generation of young individuals who are deeply connected to and invested in the prosperity of our community. As we progress, I’m eager to see the positive impact this will have on our students and the wider community.”

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