Local Grants Available

Biz Booster Challenge

A grant of up to $12,000 may be awarded to the winner of a Winneshiek County Development, Inc. business plan competition called the Biz Booster Challenge.

The Challenge is open to anyone who starts a new business or significantly expands an existing business. The main consideration in selecting a winner, or winners, in the Biz Booster Challenge will be the amount of economic impact the new or expanding business will have in Winneshiek County.

Grant Guidelines 

Grant Application

Feel free to contact Stephanie Fromm with questions.

** Application deadline is December 15th, 2017.

Ag-Mini Grants

A grant up to $5,000 may be awarded to any expanding or starting local food producer, processor and can be used for marketing or distribution in Northeast Iowa. The producer/processor should be located in Winneshiek County.

The grant funds may be used for start-up or expansion costs related to growing or marketing local food. Funds must be used on projects that will build the capacity of the farm to produce food long-term. Producers might use the funds for building or renovating facilities for growing, packing or storing local food, or to purchase equipment for production or processing of food. Projects related to the marketing or transportation of local foods will also be considered. 

Grant Guidelines

Grant Application

Contact Stephanie Fromm with questions.

**Application deadline is December 15th, 2017.